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Knowing the pandemic situation of living environment at anytime safeguard residents’ health and home environment.
The pandemic situation in Malaysia is getting worse, especially in Klang Valley. The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases keeps increasing!  During the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) period, residents are still worrying about the safety of their surrounding areas even staying at home.  Most people live in condominiums in Klang Valley. How to grasp the pandemic situation of the living environment in real time?  In addition to residents’ health, the safety of the living environment, keep up to date with the latest information on the pandemic has also become a key issue!
We Care About Your Residents' Concerns!
M4U Home Creates A Healthy And Safety Building Management System For Your Residents
M4U Home Stands And Fights The Covid-19 
Together With All Malaysian!
What is the Role of M4U Home Property Management System During the Outbreak?
M4U Home Property Management System PMS 【LIVE NOTICE BOARD】
Worry-Free to residents with updates the residential environment health information anytime
The environment of the condominium is highly intensive & the public facilities are high usage was high bacteria reproduction rate. The hygiene of the living environment is extremely critical at this very period. (public facilities: lifts, stair walkways, garbage disposal areas, etc.)
It is necessary to notify residents of the progress of the outbreak situation in the condominium, and everyone can make subsequent home protection. The management office will be able to cooperate with residents to carry out further preventive measures.
Residents can keep abreast of the outbreak situation anytime as well as also do their part for environmental protection. The information to be sent to each household's smartphone App without delay in the paperless method & go-green modernization system.
M4U Home Visitor Management System VMS 【QR Code Scan Registration】
Visitors enter & exit the condominium with touch-less registration to reduce the risk of bacterial infection by human contact!
The bacterial infection caused by human contact is the major hidden danger if you need to pay a visit at condominium during the Movement Control Order period. The condominium security office needs to provide the touch-less registration method to reduce the risk of bacterial infection caused by human contact to ensure the health & safety of visitors, residents and security personnel.
Allows visitors & security guards to complete the QR Code scan registration process with a touch-less method to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Meanwhile, to keep visitor records in the system with worry-free about visitors' health risks & safety conditions.
 Pre-register For Visitors
Visitors Receive QR Code
Visitors Verification via QR Code Scanning
Supportive App:
1700 816 687
Personal health condition & anti-theft safety are important during the Movement Control Order period. Meanwhile, there have been a lot of burglary cases, which made the residents defenseless, and increase the burden on preventing theft while focusing on outbreak prevention. To ensure the residents' safe assured, both outbreak prevention measures & anti-theft measures must be indispensable!
M4U Home Security Management System 【SOS Emergency Alert】
Notify and seek for help from the security guard immediately in an emergency.
How To Avoid Theft In The Case Of This Epidemic?

We provide a free 2-month VMS system to prevent theft. 
It is also critical to track down the occurrence of the COVID 19 epidemic in your community.


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